Podcast 13: Jack Stratton – Vulfpeck


What’s up everybody! It’s a new podcast episode!

This week I talk to Jack Stratton, a multi-instrumentalist who is the bandleader for a band called Vulfpeck.

If you haven’t heard of Vulfpeck before, go listen to them right now!

In this episode we get into some specific things like album streams, licensing numbers, and vinyl sales. If you’re in a band, or work closely with a band, you need to give this a listen. You’ll also hear about why Vulfpeck released a completely silent album on Spotify.

This is a really great episode, and there’s a special bonus at the end. This episode features a brand new song from Vulfpeck’s forthcoming full length album, Thrill of the Arts.

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Links From The Show

Here’s links to things mentioned in the episode:

Vulfpeck Online: Website | Bandcamp | New Album PreOrder |Vinyl

Funklet.com – Funk drum beats, visualized in an interactive browser window.

Free Vulfpeck Chart!

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