Podcast 19: Public Domain, Essential Gear


We’re back this week with another conversation, this time with Bryan Taylor and Ryan Skiles. Bryan was featured in episode 4 of the podcast, and Ryan Skiles is the guy who makes the charts that are in every issue of The Load In.

In this conversation we talk about Apple Music’s new law proposal, Ryan’s struggle to publish a public domain song, Third Eye Blind, and the essential gear you need if you’re starting your career.

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Show Notes

Here’s more information on Meetup Musician, the upcoming Startup Musician event.

Here’s the article about Apple trying to set a standard rate for streaming songs.

Here’s a live recording of Ryan’s arrangement of The Planets (the one that Distrokid won’t publish because it’s public domain)

Here’s Jacob Mann’s  genius album, A Public Domain Xmas: 


Also, an episode of my other podcast, “Cereal”

And the video of the trumpet players playing in front of John Williams’ house (watch til the end):

Third Eye Blind trolled the Republican National Convetion, hard.

Vulfpeck released this awesome video for their song, Back Pocket

Lastly, if you don’t have instrument insurance, here’s a good place to start.