Podcast No. 24: Cory Wong (Guitar for Vulfpeck, Ben Rector)


Cory Wong is a guitarist who has played with artists such as Vulfpeck, Ben Rector, Brandon Heath, and Gene Simmons (just wait!) In June, as Vulfpeck was passing through Los Angeles on their tour, Cory and I met up to chat. What resulted is one of my favorite podcast episodes ever. I know I say that every episode, but seriously, you’re in for a treat.

In this episode, Cory and I talk about

  • How he made money recording acoustic guitar tribute albums
  • How he came to own the massive library of tribute albums that he recorded
  • Developing your own sound that makes you more valuable
  • The most insanely hilarious gig story I’ve ever heard.
  • The importance of being artistically satisfied and not just making money
  • How he splits his time between Minneapolis and Nashville
  • Balancing career and family and utilizing the support system of musicians around you going through similar things.

Also, as promised in the episode, here’s the photo of Cory playing with Gene Simmons at the craziest gig he’s ever done. I’m still laughing at this.


At the end of this episode you’ll hear Cory’s song “Starks and Ewing” which is an awesomely funky tune. Cory wanted to share his chart for the song, so click the button below and get to work!

Get The Chart


Also! Since recording this podcast, Cory has released a new album titled “Cory Wong and the Green Screen Band”. It’s fantastic and you should go listen to it right now: