24/6 – I’m Usually On That Hustle


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Man, hustle is IN right now. Musicians, entrepreneurs, and business owners wear their hustle as a badge of honor. “Yeah, I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. Late night hustle, you know. Always on that hustle.”

"Everyday I'm Hustlin' " - LMFAO (kinda)

“Everyday I’m Hustlin’ ” – LMFAO (kinda)

Look, being a professional musician takes a lot of work. You’re on your own out there, trying to build your career, pay your bills, in a different place all the time, checks coming in from various sources, etc. This career takes a lot of hard work, a lot of “hustle” you might say. But the word hustle has turned into a glorification of working non-stop and never taking a break to do anything other than hustle more.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Tevin is all about “dat hustle life.”


"Hustle or die, bruh."

“Hustle or die, bruh.”

I’m all for working hard, but not to the point of hustling for hustling’s sake. You’ve got to take a break sometime, or you risk getting burnt out, exhausted, and unmotivated to do anything. Scheduling regular time during the week when you can hang up your hustle hat, kick up your feet and relax isn’t something you should feel guilty for. It’s something you should fiercely protect.

My Schedule
For me, a typical week consists of teaching during the day, rehearsals at night, live gigs on the weekends, and squeezing in everything I possibly can in my in between times. I love working. When I get going, I could work all night (and sometimes I do).

As you probably know, I’m married to a wonderful woman who also happens to be a professional musician. As it turns out, she wants to spend time with me (and I with her), and she is not cool with me being on my computer working when it’s “us time” (I can’t really blame her). So, we came up with our best idea yet: Wifeday.

Not to be confused with “Life Day,” the wookie holiday from the Star Wars Christmas Special

Not to be confused with “Life Day,” the wookie holiday from the Star Wars Christmas Special

Remember my schedule during the week? It’s packed, and I love it that way (Parkinson’s Law, remember?). Well when the week is over, and Monday hits, it’s officially Wifeday. Every Monday I make a point to not schedule anything and just hang out with my wife. Every Monday. Since we’re both musicians with schedules that change week to week, Monday is the one day we know we’ll get to spend time together.

We do it up big, every Monday. I’m talking sleeping in, watching movies all day, laying on the couch, ordering pizza, and most importantly: no work. We treat Monday like most of the rest of the world treats their Saturday, but like, on crack.

Pictured: me on Wifeday

Pictured: me on Wifeday

I’ve structured my schedule to make sure I don’t have to teach on Mondays, I don’t have rehearsals, and the musicians that I work with most know about Wifeday, so they’ll leave me alone until Tuesday. Oh, and if you haven’t noticed, you’ll never receive anything from Startup Musician on a Monday. I have occasionally taken gigs on Wifeday when the pay is good (that pizza’s not going to pay for itself), but more often than not I’ll turn stuff down, just to make room for Wifeday.

Why is Wifeday so important to me? 2 reasons: For one, I love my wife. Having a dedicated time that we both know we can spend together is crucially important to our relationship. On the Mondays that I have taken gigs, we always feel out of sync the rest of the week. And for two, after a long, exhausting weekend, I need a break. Mondays allow me to relax, catch up on sleep, and take a breath before the craziness of the week starts.

On top of that, I’ve found that taking a serious day off every week allows me to jump back into the week fully prepared. I know what’s coming, know what I need to work on, and I have the energy to get it done. After Wifeday, I’m ready to jump back into the hustle.

Maybe you’re single. Maybe Mondays don’t work with your schedule.  Regardless, I encourage you to make your own Wifeday: one day that’s an oasis in the middle of an otherwise crazy busy week. It’ll give you focus, energy, and the time to catch up on House of Cards before the hustle of the week kicks back in.