SMP 005: Peter Dyer: Keyboardist for Mariah Carey, Aloe Blacc, St. Vincent

Today I talk to Peter Dyer, a keyboardist who tours with Mariah Carey, Aloe Blacc, St. Vincent, Cameron The Public, Van Hunt, Quadron, Jen Hirsch, and many other artists. Listen for Peter’s advice on:

  • Embracing the variety of being a musician
  • “Playing the part” as opposed to being a super chops oriented player
  • Being “that guy” and developing a niche skill
  • Thinking of yourself as a brand
  • Being cool to hang around
  • The importance of sounding busy (seems weird, I know)

You can get in touch with Peter through his website at or through his Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Also, as mentioned in this episode, if you haven’t seen David after Dentist, here it is:


This is indeed, real life.

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