Billie Jean – Song of the Week + Free Chart

If you’ve been a member of the Startup Musician Chart Club for a while, you’re used to getting a free rhythm chart emailed to you every week. After hearing back from many Chart Club members, I’ve gotten a few excellent suggestions on how to make it even better. I’m very excited to introduce Song of the Week!

Each week there will be a new video featuring a new song that you should know as a professional musician. I’ll tell you everything you need to know for that week’s song, and at the end of the video there’s a link to download the FREE rhythm chart (made by chart extraordinaire Ryan Skiles). These videos are viewable on this site, YouTube and Facebook.

So what’s the first Song of the Week? Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. Check out the video below for more info, and click the download link at the end of the video to get your free chart!

Click here to listen to Billie Jean:
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