Forget Your iPad, This Gvido Sheet Music Reader Is What’s Up

This article originally appeared in The Load In, the bi-monthly digital magazine for musicians. Sign up for free below. 

The iPad is the standard sheet music reading device for professional musicians these days. It’s fast, responsive, and ForScore does a great job at organizing your PDFs and keeping track of annotations. So how could it get even better?

An E Ink display. Wait no, TWO of them.

The Gvido E Ink sheet music reader is exactly that. Add in the optional foot switch and stylus, and you’re all set.

What’s the big deal with E Ink? It’s a different type of screen that only displays black and white and looks strikingly similar to ink on a page. I never gave E Ink much thought until recently when I bought a Kindle e-reader, and let me tell you: E Ink is truly incredible technology. It looks just like paper, but you can interact with it. It’s kind of amazing.

I’ve mentioned the Gvido in the Load In a long time ago, but now they’ve got a price and a release date. You can get your own Gvido starting September 20th for $1600. Guess I’ll start saving now!