Mashup Musician: June Mayer

Here’s the thing: there are TONS of great musicians out there in the world that are excellent at their thing (you’re probably one of them!), and for whatever reason, you may not normally get to play with each other. Well, no longer my friend. Mashup Musician is here to help.

Here’s how it works

Each month in The Load In, we’ll have a new theme for the Chart Club, and the first song of each series will be the official Mashup song for that month. You download the chart, work your way through it, practice, put your own style on it, and learn the song. Then the fun begins:

Step 1: Post Your 60 Second Stem


You record a 60 second video of yourself playing your part of that song and post it on Facebook, Instagram, or the social network of your choice with the hashtag #mashupmusician. You should make it as high quality as you can. But remember, this is just your part. So if you’re a guitar player, all we hear is guitar. If you’re a drummer, just drums etc. You can of course make the song your own however you choose. You do you boo.


Step 2: Collaborate


You, or someone who wants to collaborate with you, searches through the #mashupmusician posts, downloads the video and records their part on top of yours (google: download instagram video). This keeps happening throughout the month, and the song continues to build and take on new life. Feel free to add parts to other people’s videos, or reshare however you’d like.


Step 3: Share


At the end of the month, we’ll repost our favorite Mashup Videos and tag everyone involved on Facebook, Instagram, and link to your site from Startup Musician. We’ll have a few very different videos to share as each musician brings a bit of their own style to the table.

Let’s Make Music

Sound good? Great! For the month of June we’ll be mashing up “I Don’t Trust Myself” by John Mayer!

June Mashup

Click here to download your free chart.

Don’t forget to hashtag #mashupmusician ! Let’s make some music!