Mashup Musician March Wrap Up


March was the very first Mashup Musician month! Since the theme was Bruno March, the mashup song was “Chunky”, an awesome song off of Bruno’s latest album.

YOU GUYS. I was blown away by the mashups you came up with! This was so much fun! Here are my two favorite final mashups from this month.

Talkbox Mania

First Dave Brunelle and Peter Dyer recorded their parts (guitar and synths respectively). Then Josh Ferrer mixed in trumpet over the top of both of them. Then Nathan Boler programmed drums to go with it (while adding my bass part that was recorded at a different bpm). Then Billy Chadwick took it over the top with not 1, not 2, but 3 layers of talkbox!

Vocals on Vocals on Vocals on Synths and Drums

For this one, Mario Montes took Peter Dyer’s synth video and added drums. Then I added synth bass. But then Revel Day took it to another level with 5 (five!)(cinco!)(fünf!) vocal parts!

Holy crap this thing is awesome. My favorite part is how different if feels from the other talkbox video. Different group of musicians = different type of awesomeness.


This month’s Mashup was so good! Let’s do it again, shall we?

Stay tuned for next week’s email when I’ll announce the new chart theme for the month and the new April monthly mashup!