Meet Texas’ “State Musician”

Marcia GIF

I was born in the state of Texas and lived there through age 8, so naturally I’m familiar with the State Nickname (The Lone Star State), the State Bird (Northern Mockingbird), and State Flower (Bluebonnet). But I was shocked this week to hear about the new official State Musician, Marcia Ball.

On May 21st, the Texas legislature announced that the pianist, songwriter, and vocalist will be the official Texas State Musician for 2018.

This prestigious title changes yearly, but Marcia is in good company. Past winners include George Strait (2017), Willie Nelson (2009), and someone named Craig Hella Johnson (2013)(who also right now just won the 2017 award for “The Most BRO Name I’ve Ever Heard”).

The award is purely ceremonial: it doesn’t have any money that comes along with it (though Marcia was promised some “really legit bandwiches”). What do you think? Should we do an annual Startup Musician… Musician?