Meetup Musician: August 29th

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Announcing Meetup Musician

I’m excited to announce the first in-person meetup for freelance musicians and fans of Startup Musician: Meetup Musician. It’s taking place on Monday August 29th at 7:30pm in Pasadena, CA. Here’s what you can expect:

Meet Other Professional Musicians in LA 

Networking People
Networking… you know I hate that word, but getting to know other musicians is crucial to building your career. Meet other people doing the musician thing, expand your network, and exchange info. I promise: no Red Rover.

Startup Musician Live Presentation

Basically like a TED talk, but one you’d actually want to watch. Think of it like a live blog post: the helpful info you’re used to, packaged in a Startup Musician kind of way. Let’s call it TEV talk. #giglyfe

Live Interview and Q&A With Special Guest Joel Van Dijk (Guitarist and MD for Aloe Blacc)

Joel Van Dijk is a guitarist, producer, music director and artist based in LA. He’s worked with artists such as Aloe Blacc, Cee Lo Green, and Neon Greens, and has also released two solo albums. Hear about his journey as a musician, his advice for other musicians, and ask questions during the Q&A.

Special Performance by Joey Dosik

Joey Dosik is an LA based soul singer/songwriter whose smooth voice blends perfectly with his unique writing. His new EP, Gamewinner is available everywhere.
Doors open at 7 and we’ll be hanging til the break of midnight. Limited to the first 50 people, so get your tickets before they sell out!


WHERE: Downbeat LA – 2061 North Los Robles Avenue #109, Pasadena, CA 91105



WTF Bro, this costs monies?

In order to cover the cost of renting the space, sound equipment, artist and other materials, this has to be a paid event. My goal is to make an awesome night for musicians. I’m not making any money on this event.


WTF Bro, why only 50 people?

The space we’re meeting in is a medium sized studio that will perfectly accommodate 50 people. By keeping it to a smaller number of musicians, it’ll be more beneficial for everyone. You’ll be able to meet more people and get to know them as opposed to getting lost in a sea of drummers. Besides, do you really want to go to a HUGE “networking” event?


WTF Bro, what if I have another question that isn’t listed here?

First of all, calm down with the WTFs. Then you should email me here