My New Jam: The Search For Everything by John Mayer

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John Mayer’s best studio album is without a doubt Continuum. What came after that was a so-so album, followed by a pair of country/folksy/americana albums, which weren’t so universally loved.

Now he’s back with The Search for Everything, his first album in 4 years. Here’s the roller coaster of emotions that I’ve been through in anticipation for this album, with corresponding emojis:

  • Watching clips from recording sessions on snapchat. 😲
  • First single released – “Love on the Weekend” 👎
  • First “wave” released (group of 4 songs) 🤔
  • Second “wave” released 😬
  • Full album released 😒
  • After listening to the album several times through 😃
Listen on SpotifyThis album features John Mayer at his best. He’s great at the funky guitar stuff, but he’s equally great with the acoustic country stuff. He’s a guitar player, and that’s exactly what this album is showcasing.

In a world where more music than ever is being made by producers and DJs, this album stands out for it rich guitar tones, killer grooves (Steve and Pino), and solid writing.

This is my new jam.