Next Friday It Airs


Since I started this blog in January, I’ve heard from musicians all over the world. It’s been great getting to hear from people who are in different places with their music careers. Some are musicians just starting their pursuit into being professionals, others are seasoned pros who are making a great living.

The Goal

My goal with this blog is to build a community of musicians who help and encourage each other in their careers. Being a self employed musician takes a lot of hard work, and a lot of skills that aren’t taught in school. On top of that, the music industry is in the middle of a huge transition. People are trying brand new things in order to see what works.


I want to be as helpful as possible to other musicians out there, but I don’t have all the answers myself. However, I often find myself surrounded by great musicians who have good insights on how to grow your career. These people include touring musicians, studio musicians, producers and songwriters. People who play rock, jazz, classical, and everything in between.


Next Friday

So, I’m excited to announce that next Friday April 4th, the Startup Musician Podcast will launch. It’s not going to be just me talking at you, bestowing my “wisdom.” No one wants to listen to that. It’s a series of conversations with great musicians from different parts of the music industry. The goal is not to tell you what to do in your music career, but show what has worked for different people in the industry. And maybe make you laugh a little.


So go download a podcast app. Next Friday you can listen to the Startup Musician Podcast on the way to your gig, and let me know what you think.
Photo credit: drestwn