The Best TV Show of 2017 for Creatives

This post originally appeared in the April 14th 2017 issue of The Load In

If I have your phone number, there’s a good chance that I’ve already texted you about this show (and if that’s the case, keep on scrollin’).

For the rest of you, you have two options: either go watch this show right now, or give me your phone number so I can text you to remind you to watch this show.

Abstract: The Art of Design is a new Netflix documentary series that takes an in-depth look at the work and lives of eight designers. (I know, you’re thinking, “But I’m a musician…” but trust me).

The designers range from a photographer, interior designer, illustrator, Nike shoe designer, to my personal favorite: stage design.

If you take nothing else away from reading this, click this link and watch this episode. 

My favorite episode (the one linked above) focuses on Es Devlin, a stage designer who has done everything from modern interpretations of MacBeth and Wagner operas to designing the visual aspect of musical acts like Beyonce, Kanye West, and U2. This episode blew my mind.

U2 - embed

The rest of the series is equally awesome, artistically presented, and there’s lots of crossover for you as a musician. It’s encouraging to see these designers wrestling with their work, seeing their creative process, and balance time with the rest of their lives.

These designers are all artists who do great work for other people, as opposed to creating pure art themselves. Essentially, they’re Startup Designers.

Honestly, I cannot recommend this series enough. Do me a favor: after you watch the Es Devlin episode linked above, email me so we can geek out about it.