Wanna Be a Terrible 90s DJ? (Of Course You Do)

From the March 3rd, 2017 issue of The Load In:

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to mash up Jay-Z’s 99 Problems with Weezer’s Island in the Sun? No?

Okay, how about Ludacris’ Move Bitch mashed up with the timeless classic All Star by Smash Mouth?
Still no?

Fine. But no one can deny the beauty that is Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles mashed up with Lil Jon’s club hit Get Low. NO ONE.

Enter themagicipod.com. These geniuses have figured out what no one before them could (or wanted to): how to mashup almost any 2 songs from the 2000s decade. This website lets you drag and drop one song onto a selection of others and hear the results, no matter how ridiculous.

Say what you will about the results, but Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady mashed up with The Fray’s Over My Head IS MY NEW JAM NOW AND FOREVER.